The compass

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The compass is your best friend. It helps you to orientate the map and figure out in what direction you should be going.

Tumkompass orientering

This is how you use a compass bearing

1. Align the compass along the line of travel, with the top pointing at your current location. The compass needs to be held horizontally, as laying on a tabletop, to make sure the compass needle can rotate and stabilize properly. 

2. Hold the compass and map with the direction arrow pointing straight ahead of you.

3. Now rotate your body until the north side of the map is in line with the north side of the compass needle. Along the direction arrow you will now have your target. Lift your gaze along with the direction arrow and aim for a tree or other distinct object to head out against. Make your way there, and then look for a new object. 


Thumb compass and Baseplate compass 

In orienteering, two types of compasses are mainly used: the thumb compass and the baseplate compass. They both work in the same way, and it is mostly a matter of individual preferences which one you choose. Today, most orienteers prefer the thumb compass which is considered a little easier and smoother to use.

Thumb compass

tumkompass orientering

Baseplate compass

Kompass orientering